1. How many attractions are there and must we choose which we want to do?

The haunt has 10 consecutive attractions. You will experience each attraction one after other.

2. I do not see any date when buying my tickets?

Your tickets are valid for which ever day you wish to participate. You only need to show your ticket when in line. For the Nights of Terror thematic dinner, we will email you after your purchase to ask which date you wish to attend.

3. Can we buy our tickets once we arrive?

Yes, you may purchase your haunt ticket upon arrival. The Nights of Terror thematic dinner, however, must be purchased before.

4. Where are you located?

At the corner of Dagenais and Rossignols in the same building as Escaparium at the following address: 5545 boul. Des Rossignols.

5. How long does the haunt last?

You need about 30-35 minutes to go through the entire experience.

6. Do you accept Credit and Debit?

Yes, we accept both forms of payment.

7. Do you offer group rates?

No we do not offer group rates.

8. Are you open if it rains?

Yes we are! The entire Haunt is inside and most of the waiting area is as well.

9. Is experience recommended for pregnant women or people that have epilepsy?

We strongly advise against this experience to pregnant women or to people with epilepsy.

10. Is this an escape room?

This is not an escape room. There are no puzzles. This is an scary immersive experience.

11. Is this experience recommended for children?

This is not a children’s haunt. Due to the nature of the haunt, we do not recommend to anyone under the age of 13 years old.

12. Will the actors touch you?

The actors will never touch you nor are you permitted to touch any of the actors.


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